Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sick Girl + French Paper = Our Thursday

we can't seem to catch a break.
poor little Kennedy.
sick again.
with the flu!
she has been sick for about three weeks straight?
it started with the croup. . . congestion. . . coughing. . . headache. . .
but now she is in the flu zone.
achy. . . fever. . . throwing up. . . shaky. . . sleepy and just down right miserable!
the poor little snuggly thing. . .
wish her well.
she needs it! :(

much of our Thursday has been attending to Kendy's sickly needs but. . . i had to share this!
i finally decided to order these prints for the girls' rooms (FrenchPaper):

this one is for Kendy's room. . . blue eyed study girl for our blue eyed chubby girl!

and this one for Indy's room. . . hazel eyed study girl for our hazel eyed long eyelashed girl!

i found French Paper through the notoriously famous "Pop Ink" books. . . {got them all!}. . . and fell in love when i visited the French Paper website.
talk about kitsch and pop art combined in the MOST gorgeous images and ephemera around! {oh! did i mention the humor?}

i found the posters HERE. . .
and you can peruse their HUGE selection of paper and gifts at

{psst! they have many companies nationwide that carry their wonderful paper. . . an Xpedx here carries it! go fig.
so check out to see if any of your local stores carry French Paper product. . . you might be pleasantly surprised!}

here are some other French Paper/Pop Ink products i wouldn't mind owning:

these wrapping papers! wow.
1960 called. . . they want their groovy wrappings back!

these decor boards. . . would spice up any niche of your home, don't you think?

and these notecards. . . shopping, anyone?


Terese said...

Awww poor Kendy! She is such a doll. I can see even in that picture, she's not feeling chipper. Hopefully it passes soon. I love that french paper. What a cute idea for the girls' rooms.

Danielle said...

oh NO!! what a poor sweet baby girl! gosh, it's so sad when they're sick. :( her poor little face looks so sad. :( sending her get well wishes!! HUGS Kendy! Also, those prints are SO AMAAAAZING!! WOW!! i love PopInk. I have that Owl Wood cut-out thingy. I haven't seen your big-eye girl prints yet. They are just SO GOOD. :-) you are awesome.

Parker said...

Dear Pretty Kennedy,

I hope you feel better soon.


p.s. I am in love with the new prints that your pretty Mommy got you for your bedroom. Lucky Lady.

Anonymous said...

gosh, she looks miserable! i hope she gets really soon.

thank you for sharing FrenchPaper, Karli. visiting their site is like going to heaven. my goodness.

julie said...

poor little girl ! a big hug for her !
Get well soon mademoiselle Kennedy !

French paper ! Gee ! Actually my family is eating on their plates everyday, the ones with funny animals on it !

Anthony and Kristie said...

Poor Kennedy, I hope she gets feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

Love this and your blog!

ismoyo said...

Love the prints! I have the vintage postcards from the original artist from back in the day! FrenchPaper took those images and inserted the Frenchpaper notebooks into them. I love FP, so i'm just assuming they have bought the rights to do so.