Thursday, April 1, 2010

We're Expecting!

We're Expecting. . . to have a GREAT April Fool's Day peeps!
go and spread foolish love today :)

looked through many vintage April Fool's Day cards. . . they all seemed to revolve around fish?
what a nasty way to "fool" someone!
hey! here's a fish inside a bouquet of flowers!
oh look! check out this fish wrapped in your daily paper!

very odd.


Jeff and Erin said...

You got me...I totally fell for it!
You guys have any trips planned for O-town? We are moving back end of this month and would love to see you sometime.
Give the girls and Pace hugs.
Love ya!

Tasha said...

Oh Karli... you made my heart stop a beat! Haha... don't jinx yourself ;) just kidding of course. Hope you're having a nice sunny day. Can you believe how warm it got today?!

Danielle said...

YOU GOT ME, TOTALLY!!! hahahah!!! you are good. And you're cracking me up with the fish-talk. What a visual!! thank you for making me laugh, EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. :-)

ittybittybirdy said...

omg you got me! My heart just about walked straight out my mouth! HAHA you know how I am about prego gals, not intentionally of coarse. If you were expecting I would march my heart right back where it belonged and be happy as *%^$#%$ for you! I've missed you! I've pretty much had NO internet. My husband is leaving town for a few so I'm going to move my computer up to his office where we have "good" internet". I'm hoping we can get a "better: router thingy so I can get access from my studio. Oh and I somehow broke my fancy new camera. Yeah technology and I are not agreeing at the moment. But I hope to be at my normal avoiding real life and living on my computer so called life real soon. HUGS!!!! Chelsea Ann