Thursday, October 8, 2009

stamps. . . oh my!

if you know me. . . you know i LOVE a good craft
and well. . . i just love to do all sorts of crafting.
from scrapping to sewing to hybrid to digital. . . i just heart it all!

well. . . while i was "away" Danielle Thompson came up with something that just be-stilled my little heart. . .
clear acrylic stamps!
clear stamps!
with her designs!
so exciting :)

i love to stamp.
my madre sells Close to My Heart product and she has REALLY gotten me into the clear acrylic stamping scene.
so easy. so fun. and a whole lot cheaper than wood stamps.
now. . . don't get me wrong. i still use wood stamps.
but clear stamps are just so nice and user friendly. . . they are hard to pass up!
did you know you can see where you are putting the stamp?
so rad.

any hoot. . . Danielle is offering some clear stamps at her Etsy shop Tiny Bazaar. . . they are preorder. . . but worth the very little wait!

aren't her photos and projects breathtaking?
so go and buy some.
i did.
can't wait to get them in the mail!
EEKKK! seriously.
can't wait!