Friday, January 1, 2010

the New Year slash Pose Dolls

well. . . it's here!
the New Year.

Happy 2010 everyone!. . .
it sure rolls off the tongue better than 2009, don't you think?
twenty ten. very nice. :)

crazy to think that 10 years have passed since the Millennium.
what a BIG deal that was!
i was in. . . what grade?. . . hmmm. . . i was. . . well. . . don't remember. . . i have to think about it!
that's pathetic right there!!!
i was 16? ya. . . i was 16.
still in high school. . . barely legal to drive.
ha! loads has changed since then. . . married with two kids.
our parents were right. . . time really does fly. . . especially when your having fun!

to celebrate this new year we did what we always do. . . basically nothing!
just "hanging out" and enjoying time together.
but isn't that better than pretty much anything else? just being with loved ones?

we ate junk food (including Buffalo wings. . . of course!). . . watched movies. . . and Pace started painting our downstairs bathroom.
a real RIOT over at the Plant house last night!
HA HA HA! ;)
having kids really toned down the festivities. . . not that they were all that "vamped" up to begin with! :)
we are homebodies. . . and that isn't a national secret.
so. . . we are what you would say. . . boring, no?
oh well. . . we seem to have a BLAST with it anyway!
the kids help in that department too. . . non-stop entertainment when you got tots running around. . . .
oh boy howdy is that the TRUTH!!!
(especially with my two lasses. . . don't let those angelic/girly faces fool you. . . devilish spirits lurk inside!)

so the New Year is here. . . and can't wait to see what it brings.
i am excited about a few new things i will be adding to my Etsy shop and i will continue creating for Kitschy Digitals (Danielle Thompson ;). . . so. . . life is good!

hope your New Year is adventurous and prosperous. exactly what we all need.
oh. . . and i hope it's full of love. because that is what makes the world go round.

well. . . onto my next point.
Pose Dolls.

i have started a collection of vintage Japan Pose Dolls within the past year and have fallen in love.
they are SO Kawaii and Kitsch. . . right up my retro alley!

i have been lucky enough to come across four "internationally" dressed girls.
all spruced up in their native lands attire. . . complete with sashes!

they are super cute. . . but. . . hmmm. . . some of the outfits were. . . well. . . not very pleasing to my eyes.
not that the outfits weren't nice. . . they just. . . well. . . they just were not what i wanted them to be!
i was thinking along the lines of retro and sassy. in reality their outfits were more polished and fancy. so i got out my scissors and "revamped" the girls for a more mod look.
so. . . here they are.
my international friends with new looks and new attitudes!

aren't they retro and sassy now?
i am espcecially in LOVE with the "now" of Miss Israel. . . i made her a custom necklace and ring. . . see:

it kills me!
also. . .
check out them frames (courtesy of an LPS owl) ;). . . so chic and geek. just like me! . . . well, at least the geek part! ;)

i am also partial to Miss Greece's earrings (straight pins) and her skirt. . . made out of a vintage sheet. i also LOVE her head band (vintage buttons) and the CUTE flowers she is holding in her hands.

hmmm. . . hard to choose a fav, i guess. . . i am partial to them all!

there you have it. . . the before and afters of some of my international girls.
i also got a Miss Argentina. . . but, i am hesitant to "revamp" her.
Pace served two years in Argentina and i kind of want to keep her "original" in honor of him. . . not that he cares too much! but all the same.

p.s. Pace says that her "native" clothing isn't even NEAR correct!. . . so i guess it doesn't really matter! ;) i will share pics later.

also. . . the gingham paper i used to make my "before and after" postcards is one of my digi kits in my Etsy shop "The Gnome Hut". . . if you like em' . . . click HERE!


Alison said...

Well that was a short break... :) Glad to see you are having fun. Your New Years celebration sounded a lot like ours. Carter was up until 12:30 with us and was happy to give us all "cheers" with his cup at midnight.

Your dolls turned out super cute by the way...

ittybittybirdy said...

Happy New Years GF! I can't wait to see what you share with us in 2010! LOVE THE GIRLS! So amazing!

Anonymous said...

you have an amazing doll collection, karli. i'd would be interesting to see the entire collection in a single photo!

Chelsea Ann said...

hey keep you eye on Paper Cakes Finds tomorrow... there might be smallish plug... ;)

superminx said...

There's a group on Flick called 'Reposessed - Pose Dolls Redressed'. It would be great (if you're on flickr, if you added your pictures to the pool. Andi.