Friday, January 29, 2010

Polaroid Friday. . . KitschCafe

hey folks. . . it's Polaroid Friday.

this week i felt in a "kitschy" mood. . . and who better to highlight than Drew from over at KitschCafe on Flickr?
his photostream is FULL of kitschy/retro goodness and sure to make your inner mid-century child scream for more! ;)

go and check out his AMAZING Etsy shop. . . KitschCafe.
it's CHOCK full of vintage goodies that any decent kitschy lover would HEART to display in their home. . . it's a terrific mix of vintage, ephemera, hand made goods and granny-licious home decor.
love it.
so make it a *fav* shop. . . your gonna want to go back more than once!

so without further ado:




*awe* nothing like kitsch to slap a smile on the face. . .
thanks Drew for the kitsch eye candy! ;)
oh. . . forgot! check out Drew's blog. . . "Drew-O-Rama"


Danielle said...

oh i love that shop!! fun stuff! :-)

Anonymous said...

great etsy shop that makes me just want to linger! off to visit his blog. :D

Terese said...

That makes me want to become more of a collector! I don't know if that works with Josh's love of throwing things away! Seriously, the man has a throwing away addiction. Thanks for the Disney Tips. So helpful. When you went, where did you purchase your tickets?