Tuesday, January 26, 2010

telling a Yarn

everyone is gaga over yarn.
yes, yarn.
you know it . . . and i know it.
i admit. . . i am now gaga too.
it took me AWHILE to get on the "yarn" bandwagon. . . but, here i am. . . two steps behind the trend. . . buying up all the yarn i can find! ;)

it's colorful.
it's fun.
and SO versatile.

you know it. . . and i know it. . . i am not telling a yarn! ;)
(gheesh. . . i am lame. . . and SO lame that i can tell that i shouldn't have made that last pun!)

p.s. i have been SO busy lately that my craft room has become a MESS! *gasp*! the shame of it. . . so, here. . . you can see! ;)
and, yes, i am very lucky!
i get a whole room just for crafting and filling with junk. . . lucky indeed!


Trine said...

i would not consider this as messy...lol...my craft room surely is...;-)

xoxo trine

Danielle said...

oh my GOSH! the yummiest craft room EVER! :-) can't wait to see what you create with that yarn and humongous loom! :-) (seriously, your craft room is to die for. I want to roll around in that vintage fabric curtain, flip thru those yummy records and the desk... THE DESK! those CHAIRS! :-)

danielle thompson

Kawine said...

omg! your table!!! aaaaaaahhh!!! i had one once! why did i gave it to my sister-in-law!?! regrets... i want another one! sooo much! yours is beautiful, yellow, gosh its gorgeous...... oh and cannot wait to see what you'll do with the yarn !

Anonymous said...

i love your craft room and... your yarn! though i don't knit or crochet, i have a special place in my heart for pretty balls of yarn.

your new banner is so pretty, karli!