Monday, January 25, 2010

pandas, foxes and freebie. . . oh my!

attention. . . attention. . . ATTENTION!

Danielle is offering a *freebie* over at her blog. . . it's kitschy. . . its kawaii and oh YES!. . . it involves pandas and foxes!

look. . . it's *oh so* ADORABLE!!!

have your eyes had their cuteness level overloaded yet?
i know.
i know.
i love it too :)
i loved it SOOO much i had to make a digi scrap page. . .

so go and get your kawaii fix. . . and maybe, just maybe. . . all of your Valentine's cards are taken care of too! ;)

p.s. Danielle also included printable personalized envelopes people!
the thrill of it all!
translation. . . i love this freebie ;)


Anonymous said...

my eyes have rolled around in their sockets from all the super kawaii-ness. :D

seriously now: these are totally cute.

Tasha said...

TOO cute. Pandas are one of my faves! You have such talented friends.

P.S. my parents leave ANY time you want to get together let me know! I'm going to go STIR crazy very fast. :)

Terese said...

Awesome freebies. I always love what you do with Danielle's stuff. Do you print out your digi pages?