Monday, January 4, 2010

still sick but sitting pretty

i still gots my cold/whatever.
ya. it sucks.
but. . . life moves on. . . and boy howdy, does it!

so much happening this week. . . Pace starts back to school. . . catching up on my laziness - hence cleaning and crafting (hard core!). . . and putting away all the Christmas decor (i know! it's still up. . . i just don't seem to have the motivation to put her away. . . because it is a LOT to put away!)
among many, many, many more things on my "to do" list.
it just seems to be getting longer with the New Year. . . my "to do" list. . . not shorter like i hoped!
oh well. . .
let's think about nicer things. . . like dolls.

i wanted to share some pics of one of my *new* girls. . . got her for Christmas!
she is a vintage Japan Pose Doll that sits on a revolving chair and plays music. . . i have lovingly nicknamed her "sitting pretty".
she is SOOO cute and sweet. . . love her. thanks Pace! ;)

isn't the pooch cute too?


ittybittybirdy said...

ack to cute indeed. My christmas stuff is still up too. Yesterday I took the ornaments off my tree. Its a start. My to do list is a mile long and a acre wide I swear. LOL And while I should be getting stuff done I'm here of coarse :)

Anonymous said...

shes's such a cutie, and so is her dog! is her dog a light and fluffy pomeranian?

i wish you a speedy recovery, karli. remember, lots of fluids.