Friday, January 15, 2010

Polaroid Friday. . . i heart the 80's

what can i say. . . i am a sucker for the eighties.
it's not just that i was born then. . . they really had something going.

kids toys were. . . well. . . just phenomenal. so imaginative and different. . . hey, they are copying them to sell to tots of today. . . so they must have done something right!
movies were weird, strange, perfect and TOTALLY surreal.
the clothes were very imaginative. . . can you say layering?
and the music rocked.
all in all. . . what a great decade.
here's to you eighties. you treated me right.


Danielle said...

the Goonies.. steal my heart!! one of my fav movies EVER. :-) happy weekend karli!

heidi said...

Love Goonies - so do my kids! I was born in the 70s so I got to play hard core with all the cool turn of the decade stuff. One of my favorites? Smurf figurines!

Anonymous said...

rainbow bright! i love her!

the more distance between the present and the '80s, the more my appreciation grows of that great decade. do you remember: the care bears, strawberry shortcake, jem, he-man, and cabbage patch kids? those were the days.

Tasha said...

remember those cupcake girls that you could turn inside out into a cupcake? I think itd be SO awesome to find one!

rushton family archives said...

Rainbow Brite looks so different now. I saw one at Target the other day.

Too bad, so sad.