Wednesday, January 6, 2010

V Day is coming soon

Valentines is coming upon us.
crazy to think about let alone BLOG about!
wasn't it just Christmas?
well. . . time moves fast. . . just ask Target. . . my little fam and i were in there on Dec. 23rd. . . and they had Valentines candy on the end caps of the check out lines. . .

it was Dec. 23rd.
did you hear me?
DEC. 23RD!!!
Christmas Eve can't even come anymore without us being reminded that the NEXT holiday is already upon us!
where was the Christmas candy? i don't know about you. . . but i don't buy my Valentines candy in December. . . doesn't the chocolate go bad by the time February rolls around?
(OK. . . maybe that is an exaggeration. . . i LOVE chocolate. . . and it NEVER goes bad! at least in my book. . . is it gross that i am still eating Halloween candy? from last year? ;)
but still. . . the point is coming across, is it not?

give us peeps a break, will ya?
i am still recovering from Christmas. . . my tree is all alight in the front room as we speak. . . but wouldn't you know. . . i already have hearts up too!
i'm sick. . . and the "day of Love" disease is spreading. . .
Valentines is coming and their is nothing you can do about it!

don't get me wrong. . . i LOVE Valentines!!!
really, i do.
it is one of my FAV holidays. . . Christmas, Halloween, Valentines. . . all fantastic in my book.
(it may have something to do with my Birthday falling around the same time. . . don't know. . . but the red, pink, and purple-y hearts make my heart all a-flutter too!)

so. . . i am on the band-wagon.
let Cupid come.
i will be ready.
thanks Target. ;)

in the mean time. . . here is a Kitschy Digitals Valentine project i have been working on. . .
Valentine, anyone? ;)
more to come (dot, dot, dot)

oh. . . and i am coming up with some FUN new stuff for my Etsy shop too. . . coming VERY soon!
i will keep ya'all posted on that :)
hint. . . it has to do with Vintage Valentines. . . EEEKKK!
my favorite ephemera!
"vintage valentines". . . just saying it makes me all giddy inside! ;)


Anonymous said...

i hear you, karli. i'm pretty overwhelmed by all these holidays, too. well, let me rephrase that: i don't mind the holidays themselves -- i enjoy them. after all, holidays are but reminders for us to appreciate each other. i do mind and dislike the pervasive advertising of future holidays several months ahead of time. valentine's candy during xmas week? wow. target really should wait until after the holidays to pimp that stuff.

anyway, i do look forward to the unveiling of your KD Valentine's project. i love ephemera!

Jacob and Katie said...

Hehe, I am open to any holiday that supports chocolate whether it be chocolate santa or heart shaped boxes of chocolate. I wonder if St. Patties will have green chocolate?... hmm... there's a profit to be made! Glad to see you had a good New Years and Christmas, but sad about the kiddos getting the flu again. I also was a big fan of the Japanese dolls of course and the new outfits you put together ;-). Hope too see you guys soon!

p.s. LOVE the new layout! I have some poloroid projects coming up in the near future.

rushton family archives said...

I was thinking the same thing when I went to Target.

I even bought my girls some Valetine's stamps for their Christmas stockings!

ittybittybirdy said...

oh you are crazy awesome in my book! I love v-day but I really got to work on my gift giving mojo. Christmas lingers yet I have the dang hardest time being the sweet heart my hubby deserves. Have a ridiculously wonderful Thursday!