Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tag. . . i'm "it"

lovely Katrina from puglypixel has tagged me for my random 7.
since everything about me is random. . . this should be quite simple :)

1. if i had it my way. . . i would live at Disneyland.

2. i listen to these bands on a daily basis. . . the Beatles. . . the Beach Boys. . . and Elvis.

3. i am an OCD clean freak.
i didn't always used to be this way. . . don't know what changed.
getting married?
having kids?
who knows. . . but it happened.
i like things organized and clean. clean. clean. clean.
maybe i should have been a fifties housewife?

4. i am a {hard core} geek at heart. Nintendo. *sigh*
my heart gets all a flutter just thinking about Mario! ;)

5. i have started a new TV obsession. . . The Vampire Diaries!

i know! don't laugh. . . i already know it's ridiculous. . .
a teeny bopper show with vamps, and i like it!?!
the shame of it all.
(you should watch it too! ;)

6. Harrison Ford is my hero.
(well. . . anyone who is in Star Wars is my hero. . . i don't keep my "Warsy" love on the down low)
i named my kid "Indiana" for crying out loud!
so. . . i guess it's not a HUGE secret that i happen to like Harrison ;)

7. i love kawaii.
i love japan.
pose dolls. blythe. paper dolls. big eyes.
if something means "cute". . . how could it not be?

all images are designs by Yuki Koi. . . check out HERE.
bought some of her postcards when in Disneyworld (the Japan Land). . . fell in love and never went back! ;)


Terese said...

I love this. Han Solo is definitely my fave in the older Star Wars Obi Wan all the way in the new ones:). I am the same way with Elvis and naming my Presley. Indiana is such a fabulous name. You trump e by listening to him daily, though. I so wish I was a neat freak. I think I'm a sloppy artist. If I am on a creative path, I hate to stop to clean up! Although I do loooove a clean house and I love cleaning (as long as it is uninterrupted by little tykes. I didn't realize you were a fellow fan of the Golden Oldies. Love you even more now!:)

Anonymous said...

high five! except for the Vampire Diaries, i can identify with everything on your list. if i lived in disneyland, i'd probably want to stay at the robinson family tree house! love the beatles, and elvis, too. and doesn't becoming a 50's housewife seem strangely appealing?

Jeff and Erin said...

Oh Kar how I love you! This post is you to a T!
I ment to leave you a comment on Monday but...Happy Belated Martin Luther King Day! (i always think of that day so many years ago and giggle) Where has the time gone!
I loved reading your comment you left me and miss you so much!
How is pace doing in school? and how are the girls doing? What are their fav treats? Auntie Erin needs to send them a little package!
Hope life is good and hope to see you soon!
Love you all bunches!

Gnome-N-Birdy said...

I love love love this post! Wow I hadn't heard of Yuki Koi... Must have missed that completely going through Disney Japan. I was so sick that day though.... LOL we tease that we (hubby and I) could right a book about the bathrooms of epcot. I ended up in the Disney World Hospital. And Mickey called me later to see how I was doing. I LOVE disney. Maybe someday we could split a time share. Although i am partial to the world not the land. But either will really do... I have to run to work... thanks for the fun post I think it will put me in a better mood for today. I work up on the wrong side of the bed :) HUG! P.S. I would do ANYTHING to be a clean freak ANYTHING!

Monique said...

totally awesome! Love the "Indiana" thing too!