Wednesday, February 10, 2010

around this house

this house of ours.
full of kitsch.
too much!. . . and at the same time. . . NEVER enough.

p.s. {LOVE my new dolly shelf! Pace bought it for me for Christmas. . . thanks dear! he knows my retro heart well :) i already need another one! ha!}

oh, and. . . thanks for all the well wishes in the last post!
the girls are SLOWLY getting better! so thank you for the love :)


Anonymous said...

i saw a few photos of your living room on Danielle's blog -- i really wanna move in! perhaps as a *governess*? :)

great retro collection, Karli.

Kawine said...

aaaawwwwhhh love love love the gnomes and mushrooms... sooo cute.
and all these dolls... it makes me happy. i want to visit your home one day... you're only a 8 hours drive away after all? hee hee! we could go to niagara falls, now that is a kitsch place!

Danielle said...

awe, your shelf is to die for. *LOVE* your collection. So happy the girls are feeling better! :-)