Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Birthday LOVE

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the *wonderful* birthday wishes!
made my birthday so lovely!
warmed my retro heart SOOO very much!
so thank you. . . made me smile ALL day long to read such radical comments from all of you :). . . THANKS!

speaking of LOVE. . .
check out this *A-MAZING* birthday photo shoot that my BESTEST friend Danielle set up and shot JUST for me!
such a great birthday present and surprise! ;)
thanks Danielle. . . it really, really, really MADE my day ROCK!


see the entire "birthday wishes" HERE. . . thanks Danielle! {thank you thank you thank you}
i loved it. . .
and, do you see all the CUTE Rement!?!
Danielle has the BEST taste and most wonderful collections. . . would love to take a sneak peek into her world! ;)

my birthday was terrific. . . a bit boring. . . {i'm kind of a homebody!}. . . but full of love.
Pace got me balloons and a VERY funny Twilight card. . . tee hee hee!

he got me a lucky golden chinese cat. . . {because i couldn't stop talking about the one i got for Danielle's birthday!}

and a bamboo plant. . . {he rests nicely in our kitchen window :)}
and he surprised me with a "trip around the world". . .
a two night stay in the heart of Chinatown in Toronto where we will be going to see the King Tut exhibit there!

i am SOOOOO excited!
i have always been obsessed with ancient Egypt. . . visiting the pyramids is a dream of mine. . . but since we can't afford that kind of trip right now. . . Pace got me the next best thing!
isn't he sweet? i think so!

so. . . i will be going to Canada, China and Egypt all in the span of a couple of days. . . nothing better :)
no flights. no serious packing.
just FUN.

p.s. i can't wait to do some shopping in Chinatown! also part of my birthday. . . a shopping spree!
i am ONE lucky girl!

p.s.s. my parents also *spoiled* my retro butt and got me some fantastic scrapping supplies and THIS Barbie!

thanks mom and dad!

so. . . enough of my bragging!
it was a great 26th.


creed and tiffany said...

Happy Birthday! You will Love Toronto, and the King Tut exhibit is so so cool.

Danielle said...

OMG! what an awesome family you have! so sweet. That Barbie is AMAZING and how sweet is Pace?! I'd say VERY sweet! What an amazing birthday! I'm so happy it was a sweet one for you. :-) You deserve it! Hey, our Lucky Cats can be twins!! ;-) And a shopping spree in Chinatown!??! be still my beating heart! lucky girl!

danielle thompson

Anonymous said...

i just visited Danielle's blog and saw your birthday tribute -- my jaw dropped from all the kawaii. i agree with everything she said about you, Karli. You are truly truly truly one of a kind.