Friday, February 26, 2010

polaroid Friday. . . vintage Bambi

i just *heart* all things vintage Disney. . .
lately i have been on a "doe" kick though so, Bambi is on my brain!

indiana LOVES Bambi too and so we have started a "Bambi" theme in her bedroom. . . i ordered a LOVELY personalized Bambi paint by number hoop from Gina of Doe-C-Doe!
it arrived and we LOVE it!

it hangs up SO sweetly in a grouping of prints near indiana's bed. . . it completes it perfectly!
thanks Gina. . . we LOVE it!

so. . . for polaroid Friday i was in a vintage Bambi "mood". . .
check out these other wonderful vintage Bambi pics:


Parker said...
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JanaMDesigns said...

i totally love bambi.... vintage is even better! love your founds!
wish you a sweet weekend!

Danielle said...

oh that is so LOVELY! :-) i was wanting to order one of those same bambi's from Gina! lol! we are the same person. What a beautiful arrangement and i LOVE the Disney prints!!! You make me love Disney again. It's gotten so commercialized over the years, but you make me remember "vintage" disney and where it all started. We're going this year for the first time with the boys! so excited. LOVE and HUGS Karli! :-)

g said...

it was my pleasure to help my indy's room such a happy place! I'm so happy you both like the hoop & that I get to see it in it's new home...thank you :)