Saturday, February 27, 2010

Blythe Sized

everything miniature seems SO magical. . . don't you think?

i was always fascinated with Barbie sized accessories growing up and i used to "steal" all of my mom's *really* neat-o vintage Barbie sized goodies to use for my Barbies. . .

we would set up elaborate houses for our dolls in the living room or where ever space allowed! {we didn't own an actual Barbie house. . . but that didn't matter!}

now that i am "into" the world of Blythe. . . that love for all things miniature has reared it's glorious head!
from food to purses to tennis rackets to record players. . . i WANT it all!
here is a little peek into the Blythe sized world that i have made:

i have started to decorate my Blythes' house with "framed" art
"HAY!". . . my girls like this one a lot! ;) tee hee!
Stina made the banner for me. . . isn't it radical!?!

mod mag reading and record playing. . . a lazy daisy afternoon around these parts :)
{psst. . . this is also a sneak peek of some *new* goodies for Blythe that i will be selling SOON in my Etsy shop! vintage mags anyone?}

Eve and Bambi posing so sweetly

a vintage My Little Pony glo-worm and a CUTE kawaii mini deer that Katrina sent me!
all tucked into a vintage Barbie inflatable bed! :)

miniature is magical, don't you think? :)
happy weekend!


Anonymous said...

wow, wow, wow!! you did a super fantastico job, Karli!!!!

the pyrex miniature on the dining table -- is that by Re-ment? i have a bunch of those in my collection, too. (secret: i'm a re-ment whore and have near-complete collections for a lot of the sets).

you are a talented designer, Karli and you never cease to amaze me.

Anonymous said...

hey, there goes the pink bambi puchi doll with the glo worm -- how cute!

julie said...

I want to live with your doll !