Friday, February 5, 2010

Polaroid Friday. . . Doe-C-Doe

this polaroid Friday we have the pleasure of seeing the wondrous photos of Doe-C-Doe (Gina!).

her Flickr photostream (by the same name "doe-c-doe") is. . . {to put it how it is}. . . glorious!
her taste and photo techniques astound. . . not to mention her retro style and knack for crafting up a storm. . . can you say "embroider"!?!
don't miss checking out her blog. . . Doe-C-Doe. . . she always has wonderful new products for her Etsy shop (doe-c-doe) and free vintage embroidery transfers. . . {which i LOVE immensely}. . . and just plain inspiration to boot!

take a peek:






if you didn't notice. . . i couldn't narrow down my *fav* choices from her photostream. . . so i did double the polaroids this Friday! enjoy.
thanks Gina for sharing :)
happy weekend everyone!


Stina said...

How weird is this!?

I just bought this:



Anonymous said...

ooohhh.... i'm luvin the imperial satellite 127. so kawaii!