Tuesday, February 2, 2010

happy Groundhog Day!

that's right folks. . . today is the DAY.
more. . . or less winter.
i vote LESS :)
not a fan of the cold.
gotta watch this show tonight. . .
arguably my *fav* Bill Murray movie. . . aside from Ghostbusters! ;)

or how about showing groundhog L-O-V-E with this print by SBritt. . . what an artist!!!

check out his website. . . it is like a vintage board game!!!
genius. PURE genius!
i want to live at this site. . . you'll see why :)

Happy Groundhog Day!!!


Tasha said...

Happy Groundhog day to you!!

I love that movie btw :)

katrina said...

aaahh, loved that movie so much. i've seen it soooo many times.

happy ground hog day to you, Karli!