Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Flight Number Blythe

Eve is all ready to go on her trip to Japan. . . she has been looking forward to this for some time. . wish i could go with her :)

{got THE cutest vintage Barbie Airplane for Christmas (courtesy of
i bid and won the sucker for $2.00! paint me MOD happy :)}


Stina G said...

Wow! I LOVE the photos! They look like postcards! Jealous of the airplane? Me? Noooo! ;-) I think I have to continue working on our dollhouse instead of looking at pictues like this.;-) Haha!!
By the way, next flight is to Sweden right?? ;-)

Kawine said...

What?? 2$??
lucky you!!!
have a nice trip Eve!!

Jeff and Erin said...

I thought about you all day Tuesday. Sorry i didn't wish you bday wishes on the big day...but HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!! Can you believe that we are 26 stinkin years old?!? I can''s crazy to me.
Looks like you had a good day, so glad that hubby of yours spoiled you :o) Tell him hi and the girls too. Miss ya and love ya!

julie said...

Lucky girl flying to japan !
love those shots !