Thursday, February 4, 2010

deck the halls with hearts

awww. . . Valentines!
i just LOVE Valentines day! :)

all you need is love, right?
my birthday is VERY close to Valentines and when i was little my sweet madre would make me a heart shaped layered cake every year. . .
ever since then i have LOVED the heart shape and, with it. . . Valentines Day.

so. . . RIGHT after christmas our house was "decked" with hearts.

indiana helped me make the garland hanging on the BIG EMPTY hutch (long story there! it doesn't open!) so. . . she begs me DAILY to make more Valentines. . . i don't think our fridge can hold more! tee hee! :)
all you need is love, right?


Kristin said...

Looks great and feel free to send any extra valentines that won't fit on your fridge my way :) I'm planning to make some decorations this weekend.

Retro Plants said...

you BET!
i will send them ASAP!

hope you don't mind glue, glitter and bad cutting!
my three year old made them. . . tee hee :)
it's all from the heart though. . .
can't wait to see what you come up with for your decor. . . please share! ;)

katrina said...

i love your style, Karli and wanna move in. :) love all the hearts.

hey, are you going to announce your birthday? if not: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Danielle said...

can i just say that i'm TOTALLY green with envy of the INSANELY beautiful vintage pieces you have!! I swear you have the most divine taste, Miss Karli-girl!! :-) I want to come to your house one day to drool all over it!! hee-hee!! Your Valentine's decorations are SO SWEET and i love the honeycomb hearts with scalloped trim! and wait! your bday is the 16th right? better not be today, i'm still hunting and gathering gifts! ;-)