Wednesday, March 31, 2010


i am stressed.
SO SO SO stressed out.
many reasons. . . none of them practical. . . of course! ;)

any one else do this?
struggle to "keep calm and carry on?"
how about "now panic and freak out?"

that seems to be me lately. . . just ask my poor little fam. . . they get the "butt-end" of all of my emotions.
isn't that intriguing.
we are the nastiest to those we love the most.
i guess close quarters can do that.
maybe that is why pirates were SO mean?
that and scurvy.
i hear scurvy is NO fun.

well. . .
off to stress some more. . .
and maybe get some stuff done!
the girls are in bed. . . so now is my chance!

p.s. pray for mojo.
*oh*. . . to leave on a happier note. . . Kara Haupt from "I just might explode" is graciously offering the above photo as a digital paper freebie!
thanks Kara!
i will go and use it. . . maybe then i can relax a little bit! ;)


Tasha said...

I'm so sorry you are stressed! I hope you know you can always vent to me if you need to!! *hugs*

We should take the kiddos to a park some time :)

Terese said...

I hope your stress will go away soon. I always think about that, how you hurt the ones you love the most. It stinks, but it's so true. Hopefully the ones you love are willing to forgive the most! What's Buffalo like in the summer? Maybe we can bring some Boston sunshine (yeah right) your way:)

Tasha said...

P.S. I love how you used a THREADLESS type tee as your pic in your blog post!!!!! That site holds a piece of my <3

At first when I read it I was thinking "I've seen that somewhere...where...where OH DUH!"


Parker said...

Oh, goodness...I hope you feel less stressed asap. I too take out my bad days on my family. It is so sad and I wish I could make it not happen. Then I start stressing about that and it makes it worse. The cycle sucks. Rock on Sister, you are amazing.


julie said...

Sorry to hear you're stressed. It's my turn to make you feel a little better now ! It's part of a family to share bad and good days. Any way to get some time for your own maybe ? Hold on, I'm with you with all my heart and sending you loads of positive vibes. More Sixty kitschy cuty vibes (you already have) all around you. ♥

julie said...

found this for u :

Rachel said...

Sorry you're so stressed!! As always, I would LOVE to watch the girls if you need a break.

ittybittybirdy said...

do something out of the norm. For me it's usually because I've been cooped up looking at things from one angle for too long. Especially if I'm getting "crazy" over stupid stuff. I hope things have gotten better!!!!