Saturday, January 2, 2010

that's sick

being sick is SICK!
hate it.
happens to our family ALL the time.
we were doing pretty good these past few months. . . actually. . . incredibly so!
no diseases to report of.
but. . . these past few weeks have been killer.
Kendy and Indy both got the flu. . . a week apart from each other. . . not fun.
and now the WHOLE family has a rotten cold!
i think me and Kendy have the worst of it.
surprise, surprise. nothing new for that.
poor girl. Kendy has been sick WAAAYYY more than should be physically possible for an 18 month old.
she has had the flu AT LEAST 5 times and the swine flu to boot.
her colds are never ending and she once had the croup. REALLY BAD.
that was a hard one.
she had the swine and it turned into a NASTY croup that lasted for weeks!
like i said. . . poor girl. she is JUST like her mama. . . gets all the bugs within a 20 mile radius.
wish us well. . . i am sick of being sick.


Tasha said...

*hugs* I'm so sorry! :( I hope you are all feeling better ASAP as possible :)

Danielle said...

oh NO!! i'm so sorry karli!! you guys HAVE had the worst luck with sickness! here's hoping for a healthier year. :( Feel better soon!