Monday, March 1, 2010

meet Poppy

she finally came.
about three weeks ago.
my Cassiopeia Spice.
i was stoked!

but then the "stoke-ness" level dropped. . . as i opened her shipping box. . . i noticed that she had gouges in her face!?! in her gorgeous face!
very UN-happy!
has anyone else gotten a *brand* new Blythe with nicks in her face?
i wouldn't think it would be a common thing. . . but, then again, i am a Schooler. . . and Schooler's come complete with the "Schooler family curse" from birth.
it is a KNOWN fact that being born into the Schooler family (or married into it!) brings the dreaded "curse" with it.
anything and EVERYTHING that can go bad, does!
it started for Pace and i the night we got married. . . our honeymoon alone was full of enough drama and trouble to last us a year. . . but. . . it just keeps coming.

so. . . no HUGE surprise that i would get the ONE and ONLY "gouged" Cassiopeia Spice Blythe known to exist.
that is why my new girl. . . Poppy. . . has had a late reveal.
i have been a little "down and out" about her. . .
but now, i look past the bad and i LOVE her!

i try not to focus on her "flaws".
she is cute and spunky and full of a warm spirit. . . that is why i named her "Poppy".
not only is it my *favorite* flower (California Poppies! yay!) but i heart S. California and all it's glorious sunshine and Disneyland goodness!
she is dedicated to all that sunshine and fun.

she is still pretty cute, eh?


Terese said...

Bummer about the gouges. I don't see any problems in your photos. Maybe she's just photogenic! Now I'm dying to know the honeymoon drama! I LOVE California poppies too. They used to grow wild in our yard in LA.

Parker said...

Poppy is the cutest. Flaws and all. Here's to Southern California and Disneyland goodness. Did I mention that my parents used to check me out of school once a year and surprise me with a day full of Disneyland goodness. I thought I was the luckiest girl ever, just like Poppy is lucky to have you.
Fritzi Marie

Jodie said...

it sadly occasionally happens with blythes, i dont think cwc have the best quality control.
Most of the time its BAD BAD hair, like bits cut wrong etc, sometimes the eye mech wont work, other times its scratches, marks, scratched off makeup parts.
Usually if you contact cwc/takara they will tell you to send it back and offer a replacement, but maybe since yours is now out of her confinement box, they may not do it?
congrats on the new girl though, maybe you could customise her a little, i cant see the marks either?

Alison said...

Please tell us the honeymoon story!!!

Sorry about Poppy though. I agree with your friend Terese and can't see any problems.

Tasha said...

She is adorable! I cant see the marks must be your good photography skills :D