Tuesday, March 23, 2010


sorry peeps. . . i have been absent (and absent-minded) these past few days. . . it feels like it has been weeks since i was online. . . but in reality is has only been since Friday.
no time. TONS on my mind and a "to do" list a MILE long.

and to top off my "crazy life sundae". . . Kennedy is on a TWO-year old rampage ALL the time!
boy, that girl is going to send me into an early grave i tells ya!

she BROKE my computer yesterday. . . and really, i don't know how.
i was upstairs cleaning the floors and she was on the main floor with Indy.
i thought they were occupied. . . but apparently NOT occupied enough.

she waltzed into my studio and ripped apart some of my current projects (angry about that!) and then went to my computer and did heavens knows what!
i was upstairs for a whole of FIVE minutes!

the only reason why i went downstairs to see what was going on is because i could faintly hear the "Across the Universe" soundtrack playing. . .what?
i hadn't turned that on. . . and then i panicked. . . as a mother. . . because ONE of my girls MUST have done something. . . and sure enough!
this time the culprit was Kendy.
i went to my computer to find that she had put it on a setting that i couldn't fix.
i tried turning it on and off and logging in and out. . . nothing worked!
i was not a happy momma.
so. . . i put her upstairs in time-out.
when the time-out was over i had the girls play in Indiana's room. . . i left to throw something away and went straight back into Indy's room with the girls to find Kennedy (again!) ripping the lithos off of a vintage Strawberry Shortcake house!
holy beans i was mad!
that girl.
i am telling you. . . early grave.

so, i am feeling out of it. . . literally, i am "missing in action".
have a whole lotta enchilada on my plate. . . and i am NOT eating it fast enough.
anyone else feeling this?

wish me good luck. . . hope to be back into the swing of blogging sometime this week.
heck, it may be on Friday or Saturday. . . BUT. . . i will not be MIA forever! ;)

psst. . . a *happy* note!
got a NEW vintage barbie case filled with Vintage Barbies and clothes (cragslist. . . bless you!)
it is a Barbie and Stacey case. . . see Stacey above? talk about style!
and talk about being in heaven!
(i am convinced that heaven will something like that. . . a vintage dream with TONS of neat-o treasures!) ;)
share more pics soon. . . just got to find the time to upload them. . . ha! how pathetic!


rushton family archives said...

I'm totally gonna use that phrase, "Lotta enchilada."


Sorry about your girls. I think they'd have a great time with my own. :)

Rachel said...

Hey, I am commenting! Are you proud? I'm sorry she has the devil whispering in her ear...at least she's so DARN cute!

agravette said...

i have a 9 yr old who constantly got into everything as a toddler. Once she floured the entire kitchen and den. Another time I found her eating coal from the fireplace. Another time she spraypainted my car, and all these happened while I turned my back just for a second or either her daddy was watching her, lol! Thank God she has wonderful guardian angels! It'll get better, I promise. Either that, or you just get used to it!!

julie said...

Ouch ! Hard times ! I guess you won't lend your (so-WoW) barbie'stuff to this little one ;)