Thursday, March 25, 2010

eat your heart out Joan Jett

who said that the seventies are long and dead?
apparantly not me.

new hair do.

Joan Jett would be proud. . . via her "Runaways" days.

my *new* hair cut. . . it is basically ALL gone. . . and it doesn't help that i keep razoring it! ha! ;)
needless to say. . . i LOVE it!
i know. . . you are shocked by this statement.
but i do.
i love it all in it's Joan Jett eighties butt rock style glory.
LOVE it.
i know. . . i am crazy.

psst. . . sorry about the CRAPPY photobooth shots. . . can you say overexposed? ;)


Tasha said...

Hehe, I couldn't even tell that was you in the thumbnail pic! Isn't it funny what over exposures can do. I will save that I love, LOVE your new hair cut. It's totally fun, and fits you.

Miss Makes-a-lot said...

i LOVE IT! i cut all my hair off about a year ago and havent looked back since:)

rushton family archives said...

Very cute! (And I LOVE the lampshade in the background!)

Danielle said...

KARLI!! GO YOU!! it looks amazing. So, so cool. :-) Now I want to go see The Runaways. ;-) I love that you WENT for it! You totally pull it off! :-) You're such a rockstar!! Have a great weekend, sweetie!!

Danielle said...

p.s. i had to google "butt rock" b/c i had no idea what it was. HAHAHAAAAA!!! LOSER = DANIELLE!! I think you need to hire someone to do a photo shoot of you in celebration of your new 'do!! wish i could come up there to do it myself! :-) how fun would that be?

Early Bird Special said...

I love it! I am so sick of my troll hair. Ugh! I just went to a new stylist 3 weeks ago, and I feel like she barely cut anything off, and I paid $65. Don't you just hate that?

Glad your hair turned out so cute! I'm jealous. ;-)

Jeff and Erin said...

Love it Kar! You are so dang cute. Miss you

katrina said...

love your new do -- rock it, girl!! i love how you can wear it with or without bangs. your hair looks equally cute in both looks. you're gorgeous, Karli.

JanaMDesigns said...

i love your new hair cut karli!
you loo great :-)
have a sweet sunday

Terese said...

So cute! I am wanting a cut so bad now! I love your style.

Ryan and Megan said...

I'm liken it Karli!! Looks great!

Kawine said...

well girl, you look awesome! yeah!!