Friday, March 5, 2010

Polaroid Friday. . . gift love

{i have such wonderful friends.
so i am going to brag!}

for polaroid friday this week. . . take a look at some of the "gift love" i have gotten this week from a couple of these said wonderful friends!
so inspiring and SO generous. . .
thanks Tasha and Kat.
you are the cat's meow!

got this dress from Tasha for my girls! *swoon* isn't it just perfect!?! thanks Tahsa! love it.

what a wonderful package to get. . . goodies from Kat of Fritzi Marie. . .
just because she is SO very kind and sweet!
thanks Kat. . . we love all the wonderful vintage goodies! :)
{especially me! tee hee!}

man. . . i have wonderful friends. . . i got a SUPER awesome package today too!
i will share later. . . hint. . . it rocks!
OK. . . enough of me "bragging". . . i just LOVE all my friends! :)

also. . . thank you SO very much for the birthday love for my hubby Pace!
put a smile on his face :)


Parker said...

Oh, my goodness. I am so happy that your treasures arrived safe and sound. The photo's are so cute. Again, thank you for inspiring me. You are Wonderful.

Fritzi Marie

Tasha said...

Yay! Wow it got there faster than she said it would. I'm glad you like it! I thought it was adorable.

katrina said...

what great presents to get and such great friends to have. :D these are wonderful!

Kawine said...

oh so many cute cute cute gifts! you enyoed it so much i think i'll mail you something! ;) and cute cute pictures... i looove polaroids... you make me simle!