Monday, March 15, 2010

what a WEEK!

we had a SUPER busy week!

Pace was on spring break from dental school. . . so we decided to take a little mini vacay up to Toronto to see some sites. . .
we stayed in Chinatown and went to see King Tut. very awesome!

we got a late start on the first day and we drove into Chinatown at night.
at NIGHT people.
it was a wee bit scary! kind of a culture shock.
we were hungry and tired so it was a good thing our hotel was very nice :)
after a VERY sleepless night {due to Kennedy REFUSING to fall asleep until midnight and then KICKING me *all* night! grrr. . . that girl!} Chinatown wasn't scary at all!
bustling and *so* up my alley!
i was amazed at how contained Chinatown was. . . one street was Chinatown and literally the next street over was Toronto again. . . so strange.

it was just a short walk to the museum from our hotel where King Tut was and we spent a whole thirty minutes viewing the exhibit.
seem short?
well, it was.
Indiana decided that she needed to go potty RIGHT when we got into the exhibit!
after many reminders and prodding for her to go she wouldn't do it. . . so *of course* she would need to go the second we were in the exhibit {trapped for all due purposes}!
we had to scoot quickly through the exhibit. . . all the while Kendy is *screaming*. . . and get Indiana to the restroom.
it was a beautiful exhibit and worth the trip. . . but, i would recommend NOT taking toddlers! ha!
i haven't uploaded pics from the trip yet. . . i know, the horror!. . . but i will share later :)

our trip was fun but super exhausting with the girls.
does anybody else feel that?
that kids make everything more hectic. . . more work. . . and somewhat crazy?
maybe it is just my girls. . . but, they work OVERTIME to make our lives *very* crazy!

good thing they are this cute:

other than the trip we had a slow weekend of rain and MORE rain.
{at least it isn't snow! :)}
yesterday was a bummer and i got a *super* sized migraine. . .
good thing i have such a great hubby. . . he watched the girls all day while i slept til four!
you read that right, i slept until four o' clock. . . in the afternoon!
when i get these headaches sleep is the BEST and only thing that really helps.
i don't get them as often as i used too so i am very grateful for that :)
so today the fun and work of reality has hit and time to clean the house and get some stuff done!

i want to get my hair cut this week and i was thinking of something along these lines:
something emo and shorter.
i used to have my hair this way before kids but now ponytails seem to RULE these days and i am sick of that!
something funky, wispy and somewhat Asian-fied. . . i just heart Asian girls hair! ;)
too cute.
what do you think?

well. . . off to take care of the crazies. . . aka: my daughters.

*oh* and don't forget to enter the giveaway over at Gnome-N-Birdy. . . we *extended* the Minitoko giveaway to Wednesday. . . St. Paddy's Day!
so hurry and enter. . . we would love to have you stop by :)


rushton family archives said...

I refuse to do anything tourist-y except the zoo with my girls. they're super crazy. but we are going to disneyworld in 2011. i'm SOOO excited about that!

Terese said...

Don't worry it's not just you guys. Our kids make everything CRAZY too! I quit taking the kids with me to the store and I go early in the mornings now, but today I couldn't so I took Charlie and Pres. Chaos!! I luckily found some lolly pops but I was getting the stink eye from the olds for giving my tots sugar at 9 am! So fun you guys went to Toronto. I hope you can make it to Boston sometime before we move. WE are hoping to get outta here in August of 2011.

Kawine said...

ooohh... reading your story is SO reassuring.... we went to the contemporary arts museum on sunday afternoon... with Daria. it was a short visit to! ha ha!! and kind of an extreme sport. but, we went to the museum. we did it (my boyfriend and i were thinking positive.) yep!

Tasha said...

My vote is the bottom right hair cut. SO cute!! It was good chatting with you today :)

katrina said...

i find trips exhausting, and i don't have kids! your girls are the cutest little gals ever. :D

sorry to hear about your migraine, Karli. i get those occasionally and as you've said, sleep is the best remedy. sadly, tylenol isn't quite effective for those things.

can't wait to see you rock your new do. hope you post pics!

julie said...

It's weird to say but I can't wait to experiment this with my boy !
But as a huge fan of disneyland, I won't go to the park with him until he's 7. I'm not so crazy you see...
oh and your girls are just so cute !