Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Kit. . . ONE Buck! Giveaway and St Paddy's Day! ;)

Vintage Camera Kit
HOLY smokes!

this is an AMAZING deal.
a brand *new* kit and ONE buck {today only!. . . so hurry over to JessicaSprague to get it!}

really cute :)

also. . .
check out Gnome-N-Birdy!
last day to enter the Minitoko giveaway :)
you could win an *exclusive* digital kit. . . Kawaii Ribbons!

also check out "LaPhotoCabine". . . {you may have heard of it}. . . its all in French but PLEASE don't be intimidated! you could check out this "translated" way to navigate the website HERE at my *dear* friend Katrina's blog!
LaPhotoCabine has become a *new* past time of my little fam. . . a great way to get some silly and candid pics! ;) did i mention it's *free*? the pics above of Pace and I was on one of those "silly" nights. . . VERY late at night! ha!

and. . .
Happy St. Patrick's day!
top o' the morning to ya,
erin go braugh and luck o' the Irish :)

going to watch "Darby O' Gill and the Little People" tonight!
a MUST watch on St. Paddy's Day :)
Sean Connery must have been like 20 in that movie! ;) oh la la!

so green wishes everyone and happy "one buck" shopping :)


Danielle said...

HAHAHAHAAAHAAA! those pics are hilarious! love 'em to bits! do you have to have a web cam on your computer? i've never understood how that works. lol. I'm such a noob. Off to try it out! and i've never heard of that movie!! must check it out!

naomemandeflores said...

I love your blog! Very cute!

Kawine said...

ok now I want a webcam! ha ha ha!
really cute site! and I'm a big fan of Amélie Poulin so... i always loved photo cabin (hum not sure how to translate that... let's keep it french : les cabines photos.) :)
aawww, aren't this ckit the cutest ever? cute cameras... love, love love!

katrina said...

geez louise!!! it's 12:43 my time and oh, i just knew i should've stopped by sooner. c'est la vie. :)

you and pace make a beautiful couple! love those classic photobooth poses. hehehe!

belated happy st. patrick's day, Karli!


Miss Makes-a-lot said...

LOVE the one buck camera kit!! i passed on a Lovely Blog award to you because i LOVE your site :)

mel said...

i am totally in love with photo cabine too!
thanks for sharing the kits too, they are great!