Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sixties Blythewear

the sixties were wonderful.
granted. . . i wasn't "around" then. . . but i can just tell.
just watch Mad Men. . . you'll see.
the sixties were WONDERFUL.
here is the vintage Barbie case i got on Craigslist. . . finally had a chance to upload my pics! ;) yay!
it was chock-full of sixties delights including an ENTIRE wardrobe!
i was stoked.
but. . . the drawback was that MOST of the clothes were made for Barbie and those can be a bit big for my Blythe girls.
oh well. . . i modified some and i am still working of some others so that Eve and Poppy will have a bigger wardrobe.
because, let's face it, all dolls want a nice selection of clothes to wear. ;)

had a FUN but quick weekend.
talk more about that later!


Tasha said...

That's great you are able to modify the clothes. Those outfits are adorable! What a fun weekend it was, thanks again for hosting :)

JanaMDesigns said...

hi karli, adorable outfits!
i´ve started my first blog giveaway... come and join me :-)

Kawine said...

aaaaaaaaaaawwww..... in love.
i want vintage skipper's clothing too. how do you find all this cool stuff?

mel said...

ah! love the little dresses. and yes, madmen had put the final nails in my i love the 60's coffin. i am glad i didn't live through them tho, in a way. especially in the US at the time. some scary stuff.
i much prefer to shop vintage and pick the pretty things to remember ;P