Friday, March 12, 2010

Polaroid Friday. . . Spring is in the Air!

i am *so* happy to announce. . . Spring is in the Air!

so. . . that means. . . if Buffalo is experiencing spring. . . it has already "hit" where you live! ha! Buffalo isn't known for it's WARM weather. . . more like NOT having warm weather! tee hee :)

can i just say. . . i am so happy i can't stands it!
i can actually go out of the house WITHOUT wearing a coat!?!
what the!?!
i know. i am ecstatic. almost annoyingly so.
sorry. . . ;) can't help it!

in honor of spring FINALLY making an appearance. . . polaroid Friday will highlight some *oh so* pretty images of SPRING!

all images were found on "we heart it"

here is to "father winter" leaving and "mother spring" staying for GOOD!


julie said...

I love your polaroid fridays ! they're always good for my eyes ! and my brain too !

maybe*mej said...

ooo please send me some spring. Here its still wintertime.. HUA. We have snow all over the place.
Love your blog. Thanks . =)

JanaMDesigns said...

i love your polaroids girl!! the snow is gone here, finally! and the first tiny flowers are growing... i´m so ready for spring!