Thursday, March 18, 2010


sometimes the universe throws "stuff" at you.
trials. tribulations
fun. celebrations.
and people to share it with.

well. . . this past year i have had the IMMENSE pleasure of meeting one person in particular that i was MEANT to meet.
she was "thrown" at me by the universe, so to speak! ;)

she is just SO darn inspiring and the BFF of a lifetime :)
our tastes and personalities are just *so* in sync it is surreal.
our love of all things kitsch and retro runs blood deep. really. blood deep.
Danielle. . . talking about you honey!

check out the AMAZING gifts she sent me for my b-day!
cut it out. . . AMAZING!

the necklace!?!
you are thinking the same thing as me, right?
so ME and so *sweet*!
do you see what i mean about our tastes being in sync! ;)
and the prize ribbon?
i know.
i am such a LUCKY girl to have such a great friend!
and this is only a fraction of the love she sent me!
cut. . . it. . . OUT! {envision Joey from Full House when i say that. . . actions and all! i am that serious about my love of the gifts she sent. . . tee hee!}
thank you D. . . such happy mail should be illegal in the Continental United States! ;)

not only is Danielle a Goddess of all crafting and kitsch she is an *amazing* mother, wife and friend. so geniune and sweet. the most loving, unselfish and supportive woman around the block.
can you say generous?
that is what Danielle is ALL about. generosity.
her generosity is not only shown in her willingness to give worldly goods but in her ability to give of her love, kindness and spirit.
love you honey MORE than words can say :)
so glad that the universe "threw" you at me! everything happens for a reason. . . and we were meant to be BFF's! ;)


Miss Makes-a-lot said...

oh that necklace is just darling! and the style of photography is fabulous. happy friday:)

julie said...

WoW ! Your gifts are just 'splendide' and your photos are awesome, i particulary love the one you show your lovely necklace to the camera. Bravo !

Tasha said...

What an awesome friend you have! Everything is so you, and is so cute!

Danielle said...

awe!! this is the sweetest thing ever!! i'm certainly undeserving of it all, but thank-you from the bottom of my heart. :-) I'm so thrilled that you loved everything and can i just tell you how INSPIRED i am by your photos of said necklace?!? so beautiful. You're so talented with that camera of your's. :-) I feel SO blessed to have met you and to call you my "Bestie"! :-)

katrina said...

that's so so so sweet and so cute and so you! you and danielle rock!! :D